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Homes at The Arbour are the culmination of years of research and refinement. Freestanding and oriented to catch the best of the Northern sun, each of our homes is single level and of quality construction and finishes.  With clever positioning and architectural design, the homes achieve high insulation ratings with great cross ventilation and solar access to ensure a comfortable internal climate. 

Our research also highlighted the importance of privacy within your home.  We had a fundamental goal to create an interior where you can feel relaxed and secure without having to shut yourselves off from contact with the outside community. We achieved this by opening the interiors onto private courtyards and in turn on to semi private communal parks or open vistas.  All homes come as standard with the highest quality inclusions – your downsize may just feel like an upgrade! 

Spacious layouts

All homes at The Arbour have been designed to be as efficient as possible to minimise maintenance requirements and anticipate all likely space demands as you downsize from your current home.

Type 1A House layout

Type 2A House layout

Spacious living areas are deliberately oriented to capture northern sunlight through the raked ceiling and clearstory louvered windows.  

The main bedroom is separated from the living spaces by the ensuite and dressing area and is located away from the second bedroom to ensure privacy for guests.  The main and second bedrooms are often designed with sliding glass doors which open directly onto your private courtyard creating a seamless flow throughout the house which certainly adds to the spacious feel. 

Depending on your requirements, the third bedroom has been positioned so that it can also act as a study, an extra guest room, or as an extension to the living space for that large family gathering.

Oversized garages have been included in order to provide ample room for extra storage.  Your garage also extends through to a covered pergola that can act as a car (or boat) port or simply a shaded extension to your private outdoor space. 

All homes have been designed to allow for flexibility and easy adaptation should your requirements change at a point in the future, allowing you to remain living in your dream home for longer. 


Environmental approach

One of the fundamental ways in which The Arbour is really different to other villages is the sustainable design across the whole precinct. 

Most of the people who choose to call The Arbour home have a strong view on the environment and incorporate good environmental policy into their lifestyles. We incorporated this  into our design by developing  an environmental approach that is more than just ‘lip service’. 

  • Every home and courtyard is positioned to maximise solar performance and minimise energy consumption – north-facing windows capture sun in winter and shade in summer 

  • All homes are fitted with sustainable inclusions, such as engineered flooring, 100% wool carpets and ‘time-of-use’ electricity meters 

  • There is an extensive water management system to harvest rainwater which is used to water gardens 

  • Homes are fitted with either a ‘heat pump’ or an on-demand gas hot water unit which are more efficient than electric water heating systems