The Arbour Berry
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Open Spaces


Open spaces


Acres without the ache

The Arbour is nestled within 18 hectares of countryside in the beautiful township of Berry. As a very deliberate low-density development, The Arbour provides 113 free-standing homes set amongst substantial landscaped and manicured parklands set over approximately 20 acres. The Arbour is designed with an enormous amount of open space to provide Residents with the full range of options from the sanctuary of their private courtyard to communal areas, perfect for socialising with family and friends.

The landscape is a fundamental part of The Arbour and our well considered design captures a number of key elements:

  • A restored wetland area with a regenerated natural creek line

  • Informal open vistas

  • Semi private pocket parks

  • Courtyards with space and privacy that consistently surprise all our Visitors

  • A community vegetable & herb garden

  • An ornamental flower garden

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restored wetlands

In 2017, three water features were built as part of ongoing beautification of The Arbour. In the north-east parklands, a large dam was constructed with a bird sanctuary island to encourage proliferation of natural wildlife and protection of the island that was already home to a number of duck species. To compliment the area, introduced Camphor Laurel trees were selectively removed, allowing an historic stand of paper-barks to thrive on the edge of the dam. Further South, an open swale was piped to provide connection to the broad parkland spaces still being evolved in the South-East corner of The Arbour, which has amazing views to Mount Coolangatta. A drainage swale has been expertly cut towards a small dam which traps silt and allows clear water to flow into another water-feature, already teaming with birdlife. Over time, an Arboretum of predominantly native plants and some feature exotics will link Mark Radium Park at the village’s entry, to expansive lawns and copses within The Arbour grounds.


community gardens

Known fondly as ‘The Ken & Bernice Dobson Garden’, our community vegetable & herb garden was established in 2010. We have seen some bumper crops recently and often the abundance of produce is shared amongst lucky neighbours.

Our ornamental flower garden was established in 2011 and is known as The Trinity Garden. Fresh flowers are often picked and displayed in The Enclave for everyone to enjoy.

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semi private pocket parks

Semi private pocket parks are internal parks which are accessible only to the homes immediately surrounding them, providing additional open space and beautiful landscaped gardens for Residents to enjoy.