The Arbour Berry


The Arbour continues to beautify

The Arbour Berry continues to beautify the outer grounds surrounding the village. In 2017, three water features were built. In the north-east parklands, a large dam was constructed with a bird sanctuary island. This island is already home to a number of duck species. To compliment the area, introduced Camphor Laurel trees were selectively removed, which has allowed a historic stand of paper-barks to thrive on the edge of the dam. Further South, an open swale was piped to provide both landscaping vehicles and pedestrians connection to the broad parkland spaces still being evolved in the South-East corner of The Arbour, which has views to Mount Coolangatta. In this section, a drainage swale has been expertly cut towards a small dam which traps silt and allows clear water to flow into another water-feature, already teaming with birdlife. Over time, an Arboretum of mainly native plants and some feature exotics, will link Mark Radium Park at the village’s entry, to expansive lawns and copses within The Arbour grounds.